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Agilent 8900 Triple Quadrupole ICP-MS brochure
2020|Agilent Technologies|Brožury a specifikace
Leave InterferencesBehind With MS/MS.Agilent 8900 Triple Quadrupole ICP-MS Put Your ICP-MS Results Beyond DoubtReliable interference removal is easierto achieve with the 2nd generationAgilent 8900 ICP-QQQ.In 2012, Agilent released the Agilent 8800, the world’sfirst triple quadrupole ICP-MS (ICP-QQQ) with MS/MScapability. This ground-breaking...
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April 2020 EditionAtomic SpectroscopyApplications in theEnvironmental LaboratoryApplications compendium > Search entire documentTable of contentsTitlePageAgilent atomic spectroscopy solutions for the analysis of drinking water, wastewater, soils, and sludges3Atomic spectroscopy techniques5Atomic absorption spectroscopy (AA)5Microwave plasma – atomic emission spectroscopy (MP-AES)6Inductively coupled plasma –...
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Agilent 8900 Triple Quadrupole ICP-MS
2016|Agilent Technologies|Technické články
Agilent 8900 Triple Quadrupole ICP-MSTechnical OverviewIntroductionAgilent is the worldwide market leader in quadrupole ICP-MS, and the onlysupplier of triple quadrupole ICP-MS (ICP-QQQ).Introduced in 2012, ICP‑QQQ has transformed interference removal inICP‑MS, using MS/MS to control reaction chemistry and deliver consistent,reliable results...
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Agilent ICP-MS Journal (July 2016 – Issue 66)
2016|Agilent Technologies|Ostatní
Agilent ICP-MS JournalJuly 2016 – Issue 66Inside this Issue2-3The New Agilent 8900 ICP-QQQ Provides Improved Performance and Enhanced Flexibility4Building on the Success of the Innovative Agilent8800 ICP-QQQ5Characterization of Nanoparticle Content usingSingle Particle ICP-QQQ6-7The Advantages of Agilent ICP-QQQ for Nuclear Applications8Recorded...
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