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Total Safety - Cylinders in fires
2019|Air Products|Technické články
Total SafetyCylinders in firesWhen a filled cylinder is exposed to excessive heatingthere is a risk of bursting due to two effects:Dealing with cylinders in fires(i) The gas inside expands, due to the increase intemperature and exerts a greater pressure on...
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cylinders, cylinderscylinder, cylinderacetylene, acetylenefire, fireyes, yessteaming, steamingfires, firespressure, pressureexposed, exposedwetting, wettingadvisable, advisableapply, applyinvolved, involvedcooling, coolingair
Safety - Gaseous oxygen
2014|Air Products|Technické články
Safetygram 1Gaseous oxygenOxygen is the second largest component of the atmosphere, comprising 20.8% by volume. Gaseous oxygen is colorless,odorless, tasteless, and nonflammable. Oxygen is necessary to support life. It is a strong oxidizer that combines readilywith many elements to form...
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oxygen, oxygencylinder, cylindervalve, valveair, aircylinders, cylinderspressure, pressureprotective, protectiveconnections, connectionsrelief, reliefmust, mustregional, regionalpiped, pipedcompressed, compressedsafety, safetyenriched
Safety - Gaseous hydrogen
2014|Air Products|Technické články
Safetygram 4Gaseous hydrogenHydrogen is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, highly flammable gas. It is also the lightest-weight gas. Since hydrogen isnoncorrosive, special materials of construction are not normally required. Vessels and piping must be selected anddesigned to withstand the pressure and...
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hydrogen, hydrogenflammable, flammableshould, shouldgaseous, gaseousair, airfire, firecylinders, cylindersstorage, storagewhere, whereportable, portabletubes, tubesmust, mustmay, mayequipment, equipmentautoignition
Safetygram 11Emergency action for handlingleaking compressed gas cylindersAir Products takes every reasonable precaution to see that its products come to you safely. This concern for safetydoesn’t end with delivery, but should be continued by you and all other customers by...
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emergency, emergencysupplier, supplierleaks, leakscylinders, cylinderscorrosives, corrosivesaction, actioncylinder, cylinderproper, properleaking, leakinghazards, hazardsfire, firepoisonous, poisonousany, anyproblem, problemclosing