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Application Bulletin 411Analysis of ink and paint using near-infrared spectroscopyContentsBranchChemicals, ink and paintNo. 1: Monitoring dye strength in aqueous dye solutions .....2No. 2: Qualitative analysis of moisture in flush pigments .....2KeywordsNear-infrared spectroscopy, ink,solvent.paint, pigment, dye,No. 3: Monitoring the moisture level...
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nir, nirnirs, nirspaint, paintink, inkxds, xdsnirsystems, nirsystemsspectroscopy, spectroscopypigment, pigmentinfrared, infrarednear, nearindicate, indicatesummary, summarysampling, samplingequivalent, equivalentanalyzer
NIR Application Note NIR-29Butyl glycol and propylheptylalcohol in water-borne paintNIR values / %Propylheptyl alcoholReference values / %This Application Note shows that Vis-NIR spectroscopy is ideally suited toquantify two important additives – butyl glycol and propylheptyl alcohol – inwater-based paints. The...
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propylheptyl, propylheptylalcohol, alcoholpaint, paintglycol, glycolbutyl, butylnir, nirsev, sevblack, blackgray, graylab, labpress, presspredicted, predictedregression, regressionlight, lightvalue
NIR Application Note NIR-30Determination of amine numberand solid content of dippingpaintThis Application Note shows that Vis-NIR spectroscopy can be used to quantifythe amine number and solid content of electrophoretic coating material in thepaint industry. The determination of those parameters, commonly...
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paint, paintamine, aminedipping, dippingcontent, contentsolid, solidsev, sevsmartprobe, smartprobenumber, numberelectrophoretic, electrophoreticnirs, nirsdeposition, depositionquantitative, quantitativenir, nirpress, pressbeautification
NIR Application Note NIR-33Cobalt content, solids content,specific gravity, and viscosity incobalt octoate11.9%11.2%9.9%9.3%7.9%7.4%6.0%4.9%3.9%This Application Note shows that a Vis-NIR analyzer can simultaneouslydetermine the four most important analytical parameters of paint driers: cobaltand solids content, specific gravity, and viscosity. The visible range...
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cobalt, cobaltvalues, valuespaint, paintcorrelation, correlationcontent, contentreference, referencenir, nirprovided, providedranged, rangedphysical, physicalregion, regionbetween, betweenspectral, spectralnirs, nirspls